Capsule Technologies Virtualisation


CAPS-OS®, Virtualisation System by Capsule Technologies

CAPS-OS® is the virtualisation technology developed by Capsule Technologies and brings unprecedent advantages over other solution:


  • Built-in inhouse failover technology
  • Agnostic to the Operation System running on the guest VM
  • Full mirroring of the storage over two physical servers

Rapid Disaster Recovery

  • Automated backup of Virtual Machines
  • Easy roll-back from Virtual Machines snapshots

Performance, minimum overhead

  • QoS (Quality of Service) per Virtual Machines
  • Built-in RAID-5/6 Engines optimized for video streams
  • Lightweight host Operating System

GPU, NIC, HW Accelerators Passthrough

  • Assign any PCIe devices to Virtual Machines
  • Build an all-in-one appliance (GPU server + Application Server in one box)

Easy to manage

  • Rapid Deployment of Virtual Machines
  • Secured Web Graphical User Interface
  • Command Line Interface


  • Any versions of Microsoft Windows (including Windows 11)
  • Any versions of Linux
  • iSCSI technology compatible with BOSCH BVMS/VRM

CAPS-OS® is the ideal solution for any virtualised environment that requires stability, safety and performance.
CAPS-OS® has been massively adopted by numerous mission critical sites with a great variety of end-user application software.

CAPS-OS® is Linux based, running on any x86_64 CPU based hardware supporting virtualization, including Intel®and AMD® systems.

CAPS-OS® is pre-installed on any hardware provided by Capsule Technologies, it can also be purchased as license to be installed on third party hardware.