Capsule Technologies High availability

High availability

High availability with CAPS-OS® by Capsule Technologies

In a CAPS-OS® configuration, virtual machines are used to separate roles of the surveillance infrastructure in separate operating system instances. (management server, recording server, access control, analytics, etc.)

When using the system, all changes within a VM (operating system, Database of events, etc.) are saved to a ‘live’ image built by updating a base image.

As a best practice, virtual machine images are stored on two SSD disks configured in mirror for maximum protection.

CAPS-OS® offers the ability to replicate in real time the live image of virtual machines on a secondary system.

With the Capsmirror module, CAPS-OS® enables the mirroring of ALL the data stored on the storage side of the server.

This unique method combines with the CAPS-OS® failover is an end-to-end fault tolerance solution, offering continuity of services and access to any records written prior to the incident on the primary server.