Capsule Technologies offers pre-configured built for purpose HD Surveillance Virtual Appliances with CAPS-OS® enabling High-Availability and Optimised VM layout for any sub-system of a surveillance Infrastructure: recording server, access control server, IA server, etc.

Complex IT infrastructures are today part of the design and architecture of modern surveillance solutions. Servers, storage arrays, network switches and even workstations are now the heart of a surveillance system.

With the rise of high-resolution cameras and security needs such as LPR, facial recognition, analytics and access control, the multiplication of IT equipment has pushed system integrators into the game of data centre management, requiring more involvement in the maintenance of the control room due to the complexity of the IT equipment.

Designed for surveillance

Another approach is to design the solution not based on commodity hardware, but with solutions coming from vendors exclusively involved in surveillance, and therefore able to design surveillance appliances and technologies specifically for the needs of a surveillance infrastructure.

Capsule Technologies is permanently developing and improving technologies, helping to drastically reduce the quantity of hardware without compromising on the performance and the resilience of the solution.

By proposing technologies such as software-defined infrastructure with virtualisation and scale-out storage as foundations, disrupts the dynamic of adding more servers and more storage to fix the problems of an evolving surveillance infrastructure.

A software-defined infrastructure, such as the one proposed by Capsule Technologies with CAPS-OS®, offers the flexibility of having multiple virtual machines (VM) within a single Capsule technologies Appliance.

This appliance offers users a host of features, from failover recording servers to management servers, event servers and even third-party applications (such as video analytics or access control systems) which can be hosted on the additional VMs.

Advantages of virtual machines

In separate VMs, these applications are isolated from each other, creating a safer environment for long term system reliability. Most importantly, the restructuring of the surveillance components into a virtual environment minimises the cost of the IT infrastructure, avoiding the conversion of a control room into a data centre.

Capsule is actively developing for the industry leagued VMS manufacturers (Bosch, Milestone, Genetec, AxxonSoft), allying also with IT vendors such as DELL-EMC, Supermicro to guarantee that end users can obtain more of their surveillance infrastructure within budget, without becoming data centre managers.

Built for purpose HD Surveillance Virtual Appliances with CAPS-OS®

Small Site

CAPS-SPARK | 4-Bay / 1U

Recording Bandwidth 600Mbps

Storage capacity up to 72TB

Virtual Machines: up to 4

Medium Site

CAPS-ICE | 8-Bay / 2U

Recording Bandwidth 800Mbps

storage capacity up to 144TB

Virtual Machines: up to 6

Large Site

CAPS-FIRE | 12-Bay / 2U

Recording Bandwidth 1100Mbps

Storage capacity up to 216TB

Virtual Machines: up to 8

Built for purpose Artificial Intelligence Appliances with CAPS-OS® support

Small Site

CAPS-HYPOD-i5 | 4-Bay / 4U

Recording Bandwidth 600Mbps

Storage capacity up to 72TB

Intel Core i5 12th Gen

Passmark: 23958

Optional NVIDIA GPU P2200 or RTX4000

Medium Site

CAPS-HYPOD-i9 | 4-Bay / 4U

Recording Bandwidth 600Mbps

storage capacity up to 72TB

Intel Core i9 12th Gen

Passmark: 37216

Optional NVIDIA GPU P2200 or RTX4000